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Snorkeling Near Miami Beach

2.5 Hrs | $79

Open 7 days a week

     Every year flocks of travelers come running to hang out on the pristine beaches of Miami. Although the shorelines will be mesmerizing, you will be surprised when you will explore what lies underneath the aqua blue Atlantic Ocean. If you wonder how you will dive deep into the sea and check out the surprises it has stocked for you, then the answer to your query is snorkeling. The water sport, which has never stopped earning attention and praises all these years, will help you live your dream of skimming along the water surface. The best part is you can get ultimate happiness and relaxation and retreat while attempting an adventurous water sports activity if you are not a trained swimmer.

Why should you trust us as your snorkeling trainer?

     You might think that why should you not just get started with snorkeling instead of hiring a trainer for the same? Although you might feel super ready to dive into the beach, you need a ton of equipment for snorkeling, which includes the mask, snorkel, fin, and a few safety gears. It would require a hefty investment, and that would also go into vain if you don’t know how to use the equipment and gear the right way. Although snorkeling is a safe and relaxing sport, you should not attempt it in the absence of an expert trainer. Our trainer Aaron is what you might call a water baby because he has practically lived all his life exploring the beach. Therefore when you consult us, we will ask you about your health complications, and only after that Aaron will devise your snorkeling training procedure.


     If you are a bit hesitant because you feel that snorkeling in Miami beach Florida will be scary and put your life in danger, we will ask you to keep your faith in us. All our clients who were previously overwhelmed with going under the sea without being skilled swimmers have also fallen in love with our snorkeling sessions. Moreover, you should not get bothered about you being physically inactive or unfit because Aaron will train you while keeping all these factors in consideration so that you can experience the ultimate joy of coming face to face with marine life without letting your health issues come in between. We have all the necessary equipment, including the safety gear, so you would not have to purchase or rent it elsewhere.


     If you are still unsure about snorkeling in Miami, then I would recommend you to get in touch with us and allow us to clear all your doubts and fears. We certainly feel that everyone traveling to Miami should not leave without experiencing the sheer happiness of snorkeling in the clear-bluish waters of the beach.

What are the benefits of saying yes to snorkeling Miami Beach? 

     If you have always been interested in South Florida’s unique coastline and vivid marine life, then you need to experience the joy of snorkeling. There are various national water parks in Miami, each flaunting a rare beauty. You can choose an artificial reef or a natural one, or you can even go exploring the unexplored territory, the mangroves. Regardless of the water park, you will choose, you can interact with fantastic sea creatures, including red and yellow canyons and coral. But do you know apart from the visual satisfaction and the adrenaline rush you will experience during the adventure, there are also some health benefits associated with snorkeling? Since not many are aware of the health benefits of snorkeling, we have decided to spread this essential information to all our readers:

Strengthening Your Body

     When you do snorkeling in Miami Beach Fl, many vital muscles of your body, including calves, hamstrings, quads, etc., will be undergoing tremendous activity. Snorkeling is a full-body exercise, and besides the bigger muscles, the smaller muscles will also get worked up, which will enhance the strength and endurance of your body. You will also get surprising benefits from snorkeling if you are trying to lose some extra pounds because a session of snorkeling helps you lose 300 calories approx. When you incorporate snorkeling into your workout routine, you will look forward to this fun but challenging exercise every day.

Improving Aerobic Fitness

     If you get tired even within a few seconds of starting your cardio workout because you fall short of breath, you need to improve your aerobic fitness. Although you can start practising some breathing exercises, those are not fully effective, and you will soon get bored with them. However, when you dive deep into the ocean wearing the mask and the snorkel, you will have to breathe harder automatically because you will have to get the oxygen from the tube. When you do it regularly, the functioning of your lungs will improve, which in turn will increase your oxygen intake.

Increasing Joint mobility

     Regardless of whether you are a regular gym-goer or you prefer relaxing on the couch most days, you can experience stiffness in your joints from time to time. Even after practicing stretching exercises, you might still feel some soreness in your joints. However, when you venture into the world of snorkeling, you will start exploring the joy of performing gentle exercises. Numerous health experts have recommended snorkeling to patients suffering from neck pain and rheumatoid arthritis. 

Enhancing Mental Health

     It is not only your body that will acquire all the goodness of snorkeling because your mind also gets ample benefits in the process. For starters, you will feel happy during and after the sport, all thanks to the wonders of endorphins. The breathing exercise we talked about earlier will also play a massive role in reducing stress and anxiety. You can compare the effects of snorkeling with intensified effects of yoga because, in the former, you will get to experience visual satisfaction as well. 

Frequently Asked Questions

     If you still have doubts regarding how we conduct our tours and sessions, then you can refer to these commonly asked questions:

What are the sanitization procedures that we follow?

     We place the utmost importance on our clients' safety, which includes proper sanitization of all the equipment. We regularly sanitize all the high-traffic areas like the paddle boards and the kayaks. After and before every use, we follow sanitization protocols on the masks and safety gears. We understand the paramount importance of hygiene in today's world, and thus we don't leave any stones unturned in sanitizing all our equipment and transports.

What are the things that you should pack for your snorkeling Miami beach session?

     You should be ideally dressed in a bathing suit because you will get wet no matter how careful you are. If you do not want to get tan lines, it is better to wear a long-sleeved shirt underneath your swimsuit. We will also suggest you wear a hat so that you don't feel the heat of the sun when we get into the middle of the ocean. Sunscreen with an SPF of a minimum of 30 is recommended to protect your face and body from tan lines and heat rashes. We will suggest you wear your comfy aqua shoes during the tour, and if you don't have them, you can wear your sports sandals. If you are coming to Miami during winter, you should carry a windbreaker and a sweater to beat the chilly breeze of the ocean.

What are the rules and regulations that we expect you to follow?

     Some of you might be experts in kayaking or snorkeling, but it would be best if you follow the guidance of our trainers for your benefit. Since you are not a local of this place, you might not be familiar with the surroundings, and thus, you can land up in trouble if you decide to act alone. Besides that, you should not touch the marine life you will spot underneath the ocean or bring anything from the ocean as these acts are considered illegal in Miami.

Why should you sign up with us for any guided water tours in Miami?

     Our trainer Aaron who is also a passionate surfer has spent a considerable amount of his life exploring all the hidden spots of Miami. Since he has experience of several years, he is in sync with the techniques to make your tour a memorable one. He is an avid SUP surfer, and when you perform the activity with him, your satisfaction levels will multiply. Regardless of whether you are a true adventurer or a casual vacationer, we have customized tours to present you with the fascinating world of Miami.


     If lately, if you have been dreaming of relaxing in a kayak with crystalline waters in the background, then reach out to us, and we will fulfill your dream. We know where the animals and the fishes hang out, so once you sign up with us, we will not let you go without letting you click snaps of all the wonders of Miami.

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