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     If, till now, you have not been fond of any outdoor exercises, then kayaking, paddle boarding or snorkeling will change your perception for sure. Outdoor sports will keep you fit and healthy and help you merge with Mother Nature. If you have always been called a 'water-baby, then you need to experience kayaking and stand up paddle boarding in the shallow and calm waters of Miami. Kayaking and paddle boarding offers immense joy to the ones who have also been curious about the marine life underneath the sea. If you are interested in exploring the diverse ecosystems existing near the beaches of Miami, then there is probably no better water sport than kayaking, stand up paddle boarding and snorkeling.

manatees with kayaker

Kayaking Tours 

2.5 hrs | $79 

7 Days A Week

What is so special about kayaking and paddle boarding in Miami?

     In simple words, kayaking in Miami is a water sport that involves swaying through a boat where the paddler uses a double-bladed paddle to move. The driver will sit in the boat's cockpit and maneuver through the waterways by stroking the paddle on every alternate side. Although kayaking has been in buzz right now, it has been practiced since ancient times. As per records, the Inuit of the Arctic region has been using the kayak for fishing and transporting the inhabitants. Kayaking is a great sports activity for enthusiasts of varying fitness levels. That is to say, you can experience a relaxing spree by kayaking through the calm and shallow waters of the Miami beaches. On the other hand, if you are looking for adrenaline-bursting adventures, you can kayak in the turbulent and rushing waters. The best part of kayaking is combining it with other sports or fun activities like fishing and even camping.

mangrove jungle

Why should you choose us as your kayaking or stand up paddle boarding?

     When you start kayaking, the joy you will feel cannot be compared with any other sport or activity you have tried before. However, if you try to do it all alone, you would not have a blast because you might constantly be worrying about your progress. When you start having fun, you will want to share your experience with someone equally passionate about the sport. When you sign up with us, our trainer Aaron will share information about the region's diverse ecosystem and flora and fauna. Only an expert like Aaron, who has spent all this life exploring the beaches of Miami, can offer you such exciting facts. Only a guide can direct you towards the right path and help you use the equipment the right way so that you don't face any troubles during the kayaking trip.


     Although kayaking is considered pretty safe, there are chances of accidents if your kayak flips over. However, when you venture into waterways under the supervision of our experts, such occurrences will not arise. Even if you are confident about exploring the waters on your own by hiring the equipment, you should never overlook your safety. If at any time you face the turbulence of the waters, you will panic constantly, and thus, your pleasurable trip will turn into a nightmare. If you want to have fun without fearing for your safety all the time, then the wisest decision will be to enroll in a supervised session with our trainer.


     If you plan a trip to Miami this summer, do not miss out on the chance to immerse in the beauty of the beaches of Miami by saying yes to a Kayaking tour with So Flo Water Adventures.

What types of kayaking can you opt in for in Miami / Miami Beach ?

     You might not know, but kayaking and stand up paddle boarding is of different types, and this is due to the variations in kayaks and paddle boards. Kayaks generally come with closed decks, and it protects the leg of the driver from marine animals. However, the kayaks which are becoming quite popular are the sit-on-top kayak where the rider will have to sit in the deck, and thus the legs are left uncovered.

     While kayaking is an easy sport, it is available in varying intensity levels, and thus, you can shape it the way you want. Here are some of the popular types of kayaking that you can experience in Miami:

Recreational kayaking

night kayak downtown

     If you are interested in exploring the picturesque beaches of Miami, then we would recommend you to opt for recreational kayaking. It is the most relaxing mode on the water, and this will offer you all the tranquility and relaxation you have been seeking.

     Besides exploring the ecosystem of the beaches and intracoastal you can also sign in for additional fun activities like manatee watching or fishing. This type of kayaking near Miami beach is ideal for beginners and those who do not miss any chance to appreciate some incredible nature.

Sports kayaking

sports kayaking.jpg

     The ones Having a knack for wild adventure should register for sports kayaking because the challenges you will face will create a spurt in your adrenaline levels. If you have been practicing kayaking near Miami Beach for some time now and are super ready to go into the advanced level, then here is your chance to fulfill your dream.     

     Someone who is practicing for kayaking competition will also be able to enhance the strength and endurance of their body to maximize their chances of winning the competition. Kayaking near Miami Beach is a low-impact workout, and thus if you find working out in the gym boring, you can switch to sports kayaking under the guidance of a trainer. 

When is the ideal time for kayaking in Miami Florida?

     We at So Flo Water Adventures offer kayaking and stand up paddle boarding lessons all year round, so we always have your back during your vacation. Because our waters never dip below 70 degrees Fahrenheit / 21 Celsius you would be at ease and completely comfortable swaying through the waters even in the winter months.  Kayaking and stand up paddle boarding during winter is actually the best time of the year to see manatees and many birds migrating through south Florida. No need to worry about freezing water and frigid air temps that will be back home where you left it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have doubts regarding how we conduct our tours and sessions, then you can refer to these commonly asked questions:

What are the sanitization procedures that we follow?

     We prioritize our clients' safety, which includes the sanitization of all equipment. We sanitize all high-traffic areas, such as the paddleboards and kayaks, on a regular basis. We use sanitization protocols on the masks and safety equipment after and before every use. We recognize the critical importance of hygiene in today's world, and thus we don't leave any stones unturned in sanitizing all our equipment and transports.

What are the things that you should pack for your kayaking?

     You should wear a bathing suit because no matter how careful you are, you will get wet. Wear a long-sleeved shirt underneath your swimsuit if you don't want to get tan lines. We will also recommend that you wear a hat so that you do not feel the heat of the sun when you reach the middle of the ocean. To protect your face and body from tan lines and heat rashes, use sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30. We recommend that you wear your comfortable aqua shoes during the tour, but if you don't have any, you can wear your sports sandals. If you are visiting Miami in the winter, you should bring a windbreaker or sweater if you think you might get cold.

What are the rules and regulations that we expect you to follow?

     Some of you may be kayaking or snorkeling experts, but it is best if you follow the instructions of our instructors for your own safety. Because you are not a local, you may be unfamiliar with the surroundings and, as a result, you may get into trouble if you decide to act alone. Besides that, you should not touch the marine life you see beneath the ocean or bring anything from it because both of these activities are illegal in Miami.

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