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Explore the underwater life with Soflo Water Adventures

Imagine exploring another world just beneath the ocean's surface. You know you're in for a wonderful dive when you see sunshine beaming through towering stalks of huge kelp as you enter the blue sea. You descend to the ocean's depths in search of colorful species such as nudibranchs, anemones, and fish lurking in cracks.

Enjoy a day at 1000 Mermaid reef.

The 1000 Mermaids Artificial Reef Project, located just off the shore of Fort Lauderdale Beach, is a massive underwater gallery that claims to replenish Florida's living coral reef population while also providing a unique encounter for ocean lovers and explorers alike.

Mermaid heritage trail

Biscayne National Area is one of the best places to do scuba diving in 305, with 95 percent of the park underwater. Its Maritime Heritage Trail will lead you to the ruins of many hundred-year-old shipwrecks, as well as natural reefs and a lighthouse. The track is also ideal for divers and snorkelers of all levels of expertise, as it includes both shallow and deep seas.

Neptune coral reef

Neptune Memorial Reef, three miles east of Key Biscayne, is one of the world's largest man-made reefs. The reef, which was formed in the image of the lost city of Atlantis and is 40 feet deep, is best explored with dive gear so you can fully appreciate the stunning temple-like ruins.

Emerald reef

One of Miami's most stunning reefs is reported to be this small coral reef just a mile from Key Biscayne. With an average depth of roughly 20 feet, it's also a great spot for snorkeling. Elkhorn and pillar coral, a variety of sponges, and schools of tropical fish, including sergeant major, blue tang, and various damselfish, can all be found here.

Ginnie springs

The Devil's Spring System, a three-spring cavern system that produces 80 million gallons of water every day, is located in the park if you're searching for some excitement. Professional divers can explore the artistically sculpted underwater cavern of Devil Spring, a four-foot-wide crack at the top of the stream. The water in this fascinating cave is so pure that visitors who descend to its depths can still count the leaves on the trees above them!

Devil’s den

The Devil's Den, located near Williston, FL, about four hours from Miami, is one of the best cavern diving destinations in the world. This prehistoric subterranean spring is home to a plethora of Pleistocene-era extinct animal fossils, crystal clear waters, ancient rock formations, and more!

Half-moon shipwreck

The Half Moon Shipwreck is located between the Virginia and Biscayne Keys, in shallow waters of around 10 feet depth. The Half Moon was named after a 154-foot German sailing boat captured by England during World War I and subsequently lost in Miami in 1930. Nowadays, the debris has been transformed into a soft coral-covered underwater archaeological preserve teeming with tropical fish.

Wrap up

There's no denying that South Florida is home to some incredible flora and fauna, but many of us are unaware that there are also numerous natural beauties to be discovered beneath the sea. Miami Beach Paddleboard is essentially a limestone coral reef island, making it another great spot for diving right in the 305. Miami lies at the entrance of the uppermost stretch of the Florida Straits, the world's third-largest barrier reef, which extends south to The Florida Keys, while Miami is a world-class destination for scuba diving and snorkeling. So, if you're a fan of undersea life, you must get in touch with us, and So Flow Water Adventures will offer you the best underwater life experience. Book a tour with us now!!

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